High Power Certifications

Lunar continues to conduct launches at Snow Ranch. Launches at Snow Ranch are level 3 with an altitude limit of 15,000 feet and a maximum motor size of M. Prior LUNAR BoD approval needed on all flights above 2560 N. 
  • If you are planning to do a High Power Level 1 or Level 2, contact David Raimondi and Fred Radford before the launch.
  • If you are planning to Cert Level 3, Contact David Raimondi before you start building the rocket.
  • The Level 1 High Power Certification Candidate must complete the Applicant Information portion of a NAR Level 1 High Power Certification Application prior to the certification flight attempt. The model will be subjected to a safety inspection prior to flight.
Email Motors@rocket.supplies with name, certification, and launch date.

What Are the Model Rocket Certification Levels?

The National Association of Rocketry offers a 3-tier certification program for individuals who want to buy and use high-power rockets. Memberships in the NAR allow you to apply for High-Power Rocketry Certification and it is free to all adult members. There are three progressive levels of certifications for high power rocketry. These include level 1, level 2, and level 3. Each of these certifications has its own specific prerequisites and objectives.

Level 1 HPR Certification

Level 1 HPR Certification lets you buy and use motors in the I and H impulse class. These motors can either be solid or hybrid. Certain G and F motors require Level 1 HPR certification to purchase. This includes motors containing 125 or more grams of propellant, motors that exceed 80 Newton’s average thrust. Motors designed to emit sparks, hybrid motors, or motors used in rockets weighing over 1500 grams. A Level 1 rocket must feature a standard rocket design as well as a center of pressure that can be visually identified. It can be either built from scratch or a kit. Another requirement is the standard parachute recovery. Apart from this, the flight must be with a single I or H motor. Electronics are not required.

Level 2 HPR Certification

Level 2 HPR Certification lets you buy and use motors in the J, K, and L impulse classes. They can either be solid or hybrid. To receive the level 2 certification, the rocket’s body must meet the same requirements as a Level 1 HPR certification and it must be built by the flyer. Furthermore, passing a written test is also a requirement. A parachute is required, however, if it’s a multi-event recovery, then the first event may use a drag system without a parachute.

Level 3 HPR Certification

Level 3 HPR Certification lets you buy and use rocket motors in the M, N, and O impulse classes. These motors can either be solid or hybrid. The structural requirements of Level 3 rockets are the same as Level 2 but there are some additional prerequisites as well. The rocket is required to be inspected by two members of the Technical Advisory Panel before launch. Regards the requirements, you will need for the recovery procedure for Level 3 are also mostly the same as Level 2 but the procedure must contain two separate electronics, with one being the deployment system.