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Madcow 1.6" Fiberglass Mini DX3 Dual Deploy (tm)

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1.6" Fiberglass Mini DX3 Dual Deploy (tm)

Product ID MCK-3179
Manufacturer Madcow
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Product Description

Kit Includes:

38mm Fiberglass 5:1 Von Karman Filament Wound Nosecone
38mm Filament Wound Fiberglass Airframe 18"
38mm Filament Wound Fiberglass Airframe 12"
38mm Filament Wound Fiberglass Coupler 6"
38mm Filament Wound Fiberglass Spacer Ring 1"
29mm Filament Wound Fiberglass Motor Mount 
G10 1/16" Fiberglass Fins
G10 Fiberglass Centering Rings (2)
G10 Fiberglass Bulk Plates (3 Coupler, 2 Airframe)
Kevlar Shock Cord (2)
Hardware Pack (10-24 Eyebolt (3), 10-24 Nut (3), #10 Washer (3), 8-32x7 Threaded Rod (2), 8-32 Nut (6), #8 Washer (6), Rivet (2), Rail Buttons and screws (2))


Length: 39"
Diameter 1.6"
Weight: 16oz
Motor Mount: 29mm
Fins: 1/16" G10

Optional Recovery System:

Nylon Chute 10" (Drogue)
Nylon Chute 18" (Main)
Chute Blast Protector 6" x 6" (2)

PLEASE NOTE: this is an unpainted rocket.  The tubing included in this kit is semi-transparent red and a black nose cone.  In order to finish the rocket like the one in the photo, you will need to add a painted finish. 

This kit is made to order will not ship immediately.

Motor Retainer Not Included.

 Download assembly instructions

 Download altimeter bay instructions 

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